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Spine examiner - Software to analyze degenerative findings in spine based on MR imaging

The most commonly used estimates of disc degeneration, both in research and clinical work, are based on visual 3-7 point scores (normal, slight, moderate and severe) but the applying accurate digital measures of disc degeneration has been extremely limited. Based on current understanding, disc degeneration and spinal disorders have multifactorial and multigenetic aetiology, but each known risk factor and gene has a very small role explaining only few percents at most of degeneration and related symptoms.

However, in etiologic research of degenerative disc findings and their associations with back pain, continues digital parameters would significantly enhance identification of the numerous weak associations. It is therefore obvious that precise measures of degeneration would be crucial for a breakthrough in genetic epidemiology of common spinal disorders.

Results of the gene-environment interaction studies will provide rational preventive intervention strategies in prevention of common spinal disorders, which has so far fully failed. In addition, the software will significantly enhance our tools in follow-up studies to identify changes, and particular pain producing pathology.

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