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Effect of physical stresses on the autocrine activity secreted by intervertebral disc cells

Intervertebral disc is an avascular tissue. Accordingly, factor secreted by the disc’s cells are crucial for the maintenance of its homeostasis. Intervertebral disc cell cultures originating either from nucleus pulposus or annulus fibrosus of bovine tail discs have been developed. The cells have been subjected to hydrostatic pressure or physical stresses and the corresponding serum-free conditioned media (CMs) have been collected.

These CMs were tested for their ability to stimulate or inhibit the proliferation of cultures of the same (autocrine activity) or of the neighbouring (paracrine activity) cell type. We have shown that media conditioned by cells undergoing a hydrostatic pressure stress, as well as, low glucose, low pH, low oxygen tension or high osmolarity stresses do not exhibit any significant autocrine or paracrine activity.

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