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Interactive process technology database (IPTD)

The Interactive Process Technology Database (IPTD) is intended to be a way to instantly supply Friction Stir Welding parameters as well as the mechanical and metallurgical properties these parameters originate.

This will reduce substantially the time needed for adjusting the process in an industrial environment. It also provides engineers with a valuable tool for assessing the use of Friction Stir Welding, which ultimately may lead to innovations in industrial design and manufacturing processes. It is also a valuable collection of data
that may contribute for increasing the insight into the process.

The IPTD is basically an internet-based database. Thus it is always assured that an updated version of the IPTD is available to the users.

The IPTD is intended to hold large amounts of data. Since searching through these data can be a tiresome task several searching algorithms have been developed in order to provide the end user the welds that are the most similar to the searching parameters.
The IPTD is currently online ( This version is intended for use by the Consortium.

Access is only allowed by means of a correct password.

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