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Potential framework for joint venture with SMEs to apply FSW

Providing FSW services is an opportunity business in most of the European countries, because there are lots of potential applications and not significant competition. With a reliable FSW system, a joint venture can provide services both for internal and for external clients.

The key factor for the success of this action can be the complementary and multidisciplinary know-how of all the aspects of FSW applications, provided by the partners in the join-venture.

Considering a FSW system installed at ENM, WITTE would supply flexible fixture systems enabling joining of simple and more complex 3D components and the RTDs would support the work, with GKSS developing process guidelines and reinforcing the FSW capacity of 3D components, ISQ and VUK continuing developing the IPTD for FSW and IST assisting with tool design and parameters based on computational modelling.

The company could sell panels for ENM shipbuilding applications, Witte could buy 3D components, Medusa could be interested in FSW for some aluminum alloys parts of their hydraulic machinery and Evektor could weld their components for the aeronautic and automotive industries. Also the RTDs could be interested in buying welded specimens for their R&D activities.

The external clients can be train, civil construction or any other industrial activities including light alloys in their products.

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