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Panels and panel assemblies / Designs

Prototype design comprised actions concerning Issues related to the design of the required separate panels for the construction of the potential unit dwelling as well as issues related to the manufacture of the separate panels.

These matters were mainly addressed by CED (item 1) and BETOFIL (item 2).

Extensive prototype designs were presented and handed By CED during the project. All as outlined in the following architectural studies and technical drawings
CD-698-01 Inprowarm Craft Project, Architectural Layout and Details
CD-698-02 Inprowarm Craft Project, Architectural Layout and Details
CD-698-03 3D presentation of 8 unit building
CD-698-04 Inprowarm Craft Project, 4x1.2m panel layout and 5x1.0m panel layout
CD-698-05 Details of door panel, corner, tee and crosses
CD-698-06 Fire Test Details
CD-698-07 8 unit building
CD-698-01 Wall & Roof Assembly

- Description of the different participating materials (size and humidity specifications).

- Average weight of the overall participation of secondary materials and average weight of the overall participation of specific polymer per unit.

- Costs envisaged.

- Measurements and testing of the properties of the structure according to existing regulations and application.

- Pilot Production of Final Products

- Norms - Panels¿ Properties (Structural Norms and Weather Resistance, Testing of Fire Resistance of Experimental Panels).

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