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Textiles and pre-forms

Textile structures were developed that enable cost-efficient and automated production of performs that are tailored for a good compromise between process ability in the subsequent impregnation/consolidation step and mechanical performance of the finished product.

The result was different for the two processes of interest.
JETex process:
- Two versions of braiding to produce beam-like structures (e.g. the leaf spring prototype), overbraiding of a sheath of uniaxial cable yarns and overbraiding of a mandrel with several layers.

- Innovative means to tailor/enhance the permeability of the performs (= efficient impregnation in the JETex process).

- Experimentally determined mechanical properties of composites based on the braided performs.

- A set of performs for the JETex prototype (leaf spring)
HTex process

- Knowledge about how different textile structures based on hybrid yarns behave in the HTex process

- Experimentally determined thermal and mechanical properties of composites based on several types (eight) of hybrid yarn.

- Bio-polymer formulation for injection moulding requirements and experience with sandwich injection moulding technology.

- Technology for filament winding and braiding on thermoplastic in-liners to produce performs feasible for consolidation by the HTex process (multifunctional in-liner: mandrel during performing, bladder during consolidation, sealing liner during service)

- A set of performs for the HTex prototype (pressure vessel).

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