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Process know-how Htex

Basic development and optimisation of processing and feasibility tests for the HTex process is required during the project. Therefore, the processing tests using fibre structures, inserts and pre-forms were performed. The trials were partially done simultaneously to the stepwise adaptation and modification of the lab equipment like heating, performs and the moulds.

The HTex process variants are first individually tested and optimised. They are establishing one development line of the required processing basis and for the development and optimisation of the HTex technology and their applications.
The processing tests with HTex started with various thermoplastic hybrid textiles. The process development was done with new constructed enhanced test moulds.

The trials e.g. with the flat textile reinforced test plate gave knowledge about the behaviour of the thermoplastic hybrid textiles. In a second phase trials were carried out with the prototype mould for the pressure vessel.

The silicone bladder is used during HTex processing inside mould 2(a) to generate the necessary inner pressure on the textile pre-form. After consolidation of the vessel prototype, the bubble can be pulled out from the mould as ¿collapsing¿ core.
It showed that the bonding of the thermoplastic material to the textile perform was very dependent on mould heating conditions and the relevant process parameters:
- Mould-temperature.
- Order of mould heating and cooling phase.
- Holding / consolidation time.
- Pressure during consolidation.
- The type of the matrix material has a strong influence on the bonding between matrix and textiles.
- A variant with an over-braided core was successfully developed and tested for the HTex process.

The final test of the HTex process was done with the PEEK mould (2c) and heated with the microwave heating system

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