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Xpectiontool - A software for evaluation and assessment

XpectionTool specially designed for the evaluation and assessment of the two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (2D-XRD) patterns works automatically using standard values elaborated within WP3 and WP5, includes however an option for free parameter input. The XpectionTool, at the end of the project available as an experimental prototype software, comprises in the whole spectrum of operations, beginning with the 2D-XRD data evaluation and ending with materials properties monitoring. It is specially designed for the infrastructure of the two end user partners, but can be freely adapted to any other infrastructure. The interface of XpectionTool and the commercial data acquisition software is the raw-data format, which is the input for XpectionTool. The software is designed in a way, that the operator will be able to evaluate the measured pattern and to assess the material¿s ageing state without detailed knowledge in crystallography.

Potential application: The primary targeted application within Xpection is inspection and maintenance. Further applications are quality control in production and inspection in other fields than those comprised in Xpection. Also possible could be the application in a wider field og material research by 2D-XRD.

End users: Within the Xpection consortium the end users are fossil electric power generation and petro-chemical industry. Further potential end users are electric power generation other than fossil, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, food industry, foundries, cement and concrete.

Main innovative features: Although a laboratory 2D-XRD system is commercially available (GADDS from Bruker AXS) no commercial software exists that would be able to perform all the evaluation steps and algorithms needed for Xpection. Some single steps can be performed by single software packages, but they are mostly not compatible and a complex step-by-step treatment comprising data transfer with reformatting and re-reformating is needed. The XpectionTool is one of the essential innovations achieved and required own software development.

The market and application sectors are comprised in the spectrum of potential end users mentioned above. Supposed that Xpection will be implemented in 50 % of them, a quite great market is then expected in future for the inspection performing industry, the XRD components manufacturers and for the research organisations providing further developments and improvements.

Potential barriers: Introduction of the XpectionTool first requires a quite high level of knowledge.

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