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Algorithm for remnant lifetime evaluation

The ¿Counterclockwise Loop¿ described in detail the final report is an algorithm for evaluating the state of damage and the remnant lifetime of a material from 2D-XRD patterns. The algorithm was integrated as a procedure into the XpectionTool and uses the database from WP3 for the selected materials.

Potential application: The application within Xpection is inspection and maintenance of components from the selected materials. Further potential applications are quality control in production and inspection in other fields than those comprised in Xpection.

End users: Within the Xpection consortium the end users are fossil electric power generation and petro-chemical industry. Further potential end users are electric power generation other than fossil, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, food industry, foundries, cement and concrete.

Main innovative features: Although 2D-XRD has been performed in research laboratories since more than 60 years, no complete assessment of the ageing state in regard to the expected residual lifetime has been performed by means of a concise procedure with automatic software. The residual lifetime evaluation and simulation being developed by the consortium for the purposes of Xpection is one of the essential innovations and requires own software development.

The market and application sectors are comprised in the spectrum of potential end users mentioned above. Supposed that Xpection will be implemented in 50 % of them, a quite great market is then expected in future for the inspection performing industry, the XRD components manufacturers and for the research organisations providing further developments and improvements.

Potential barriers: The approach is quite complex and needs materials data such as hardness as function of annealing time and the Larson-Miller parameters.

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