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Controlled coating removal of hard coatings by abrasive water jet

The developed technique will use water jet cutting technology to abrasive removal of hard coating using sophisticated and accurate online control and coating layer thickness measurement system. Controlled coating removal of hard coatings by abrasive water jet (AWJ) can be applied to conventional industrial robot or manipulator. The system includes an industrial robot or a simple xy manipulator, into which is attached a special water stripping gripper.

This gripper consists of water jetting nozzle, hard coating thickness measuring sensor, water jet rotation system and ultra high pressure water and abrasive attachments. It is also flexible and may be changed to another water stripping gripper, nozzle and sensor combination, which is developed to another work piece and coating combination.

The process is controlled by the robot control unit integrated with adaptive feedback from the coating thickness measurements. A feedback is also into the water stripping strategy. Other devices and machinery are the ultra high pressure pump with high pressure pipes, valves and drains, working cabin with safety devices and work piece fixing and handling device.

The ABRADE unit (AWJ + NDT + manipulator) would be a method which suits the need to remove coatings from complicated shaped components. The ABRADE unit is automated and requires less manual labour. A new online hard coating thickness measurement device is going to be developed. The idea of the innovation is to prevent the unwanted base material erosion through jetting. Through research and development of this highly novel application can be developed and hard coatings removed environment friendly and cost effectively instead of the chemical stripping method. AWJ technique is also possible to apply only for local coating removal, if needed.

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