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A reactor for GaN thick wafer and boule growth

Currently LEDs, lasers and high frequency electronic devices are typically grown on foreign substrates, like sapphire, SiC or Si. This gives rise to a very high defect density in the devices, limiting their performance and sometimes their operating lifetime. The alternative possibility involves growth on GaN substrates. Such substrates of reasonably quality are presently only available in very limited quantities from a few companies, using the HVPE technique.

The growth of such GaN wafers requires the development of suitable growth reactors, at the moment there is no such reactor available for the market in series production, most (future) GaN producers build their own proprietary equipment. There is thus at the moment an opportunity to develop a sizeable business volume in the area of HVPE reactor for production of bulk GaN wafers.

At LiU there is collaboration with the SME Epigress AB in Lund, Sweden concerning development of such a suitable GaN HVPE reactor. A new construction has been developed during 2005; an additional upgrade is due at the end of 2005.

Promising results are already achieved, such as the growth of a 2 mm thick 2¿ GaN wafer of high quality.

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