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Common signalling of Layer 1 parameters

A proposal was developed for a common signalling of Layer 1 parameters. The convergence manager needs information on the link capacity hence there is a need signalling from Physical and Link layers. S/N, C/N, BER and delay are not comparable between the standards owing to differing bandwidth, QoS etc. A measurement abstract is needed to provide an indicator of how good a certain bearer and a global Radio Link Service Capacity Indicator is proposed.

This new capacity indicator based on service definitions and these provide an indication, how often a service, which is defined by a service definition with its QoS constraints, can transported via this link. Advantage is here, that all QoS aspects are considered inherently and the accuracy is limited to full number of services, which can be mapped. However, difficulties might occur if the service to be mapped is not one of those service definitions used for that indicator.

The global Radio Link Service Capacity Indicator (RLSC) for one direction of a radio link specifies the number of radio bearers needed for a typical service, which could be transported simultaneously over this radio link by maintaining the requested quality of services (QoS). This number could be given for typical services named Speech, ISDN, DSL and VIDEO (examples) together with reliability information for this indicator.

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