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Liaison statement on harmonised signalling for I-WLAN to 3GPP

The issue of providing WLAN information via the UMTS radio interface in order to assist a WLAN-capable UE to find and access WLAN Access Points was raised at 3GPP RAN2 #41 answering an incoming liaison statement from SA WG1.

Knowing that work was taking place in the IST project FLOWS on the need for the harmonisation of signalling to optimise the system performance when multiple different radio standards are used simultaneously, a submission was made to 3GPP. This offered some possible options for the speeding up of the WLAN selection procedure, by considering what information may be useful to be signalled over the UTRAN, contained in the UMTS broadcast information which could assist WLAN UE s to find I-WLAN access points as long as this information is limited in size.

Feedback was requested from SA1 on the usefulness of the following UTRAN signalling enhancements to facilitate handover to WLAN access points on:
- The Possible WLAN AP notification message also giving an indication of how often the UE should scan for available WLAN AP. (This can control the trade-off between UE battery life and reduction of the effective coverage area of the WLAN if the UE has already moved through part of the coverage area before performing a scan.)

- The UE sending a measurement report to the UTRAN about the WLAN AP in response to the notification of WLAN APs possibly being available in the area. (This measurement could typically be a measure of WLAN signal quality, such as SNR or BLER.)

- Additional information being included in the Possible WLAN AP notification message to assist scanning, such as:
-- WLAN operating frequency;
-- SSID;
-- WLAN timing offsets;
-- WLAN QoS provision.

No feedback was obtained since further work on I-WLAN was deferred until release 7.

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