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Evaluation of performance of TR-STBC transmission over FLOWS propagation scenarios 1 and 2 (train and street)

The performance of TR-STBC schemes have been presented in previous sources for simple two-tap multipath channels.

However, an evaluation of the performance of TR-STBC in a realistic terrestrial scenario requires a more accurate modelling of the propagation environment. Channel models were developed in WP2 to correspond to propagation scenarios defined under FLOWS.

Here we chose two scenarios, a macro-cellular train scenario and a micro-cellular street scenario and used the IST-TUL wideband double-directional channel model (WDDCM) developed in WP2 to determine the performance of the proposed TR-STBC receiver in the two propagation scenarios. It was found that the receiver can exploit multipath diversity whilst suppressing multi-user interference, in both scenarios (the train scenario offers greater multipath diversity due to greater delay spread). However, the receiver is only able to fully exploit spatial diversity, for realistic transmit (base-station) antenna separations, in the street scenario. This is due to the much larger angular spread provided in this micro-cellular scenario.

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University of York
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YO1 5DD York
United Kingdom
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