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Proposal for WCDMA/Hiperlan-2/DVB-T multi-standard receiver

A key aim of FLOWS is the investigation of the feasibility of multi-standard terminals; and a further advantage of spectral-domain processing employed in the FLOWS TR-STBC receiver is that it is also clearly relevant to standards based on OFDM. Thus it enables a common signal processing architecture to be applied to both WCDMA and such wireless standards, for example Hiperlan/2, IEEE 802.11, DVB-T. The main feature of this is the use of a fast Fourier transformation (FFT), as required in OFDM transmission, which can be implemented using high-speed dedicated FFT devices.

FLOWS have proposed a multi-standard architecture for a WCDMA/Hiperlan-2/DVB-T receiver. The architecture features common ASIC devices for FFT, whose processing power is shared amongst the three standards. Since the three standards also employ convolutional codes, a dedicated Viterbi decoder ASIC can also be shared between the standards. Other standard-specific processing routines could be implemented on DSP or on FPGA using the software-defined radio concept.

Reported by

University of York
Heslington -
YO1 5DD York
United Kingdom
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