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ODETTE high-level synthesizer

Current state-of-the-art EDA (electronic design automation) tools support the design of electronic components at a rather low level of abstraction. Circuits need to be described at the so-called register transfer or behavioural level. In particular, these tools do not support any modern specification concepts such as the object-oriented paradigm.

The ODETTE High-Level Synthesizer (OHLS) is a tool to translate high-level specifications which are based on a subset of the system design language SystemC into a representation processable by current industrial EDA tools.

The above mentioned subset of SystemC contains language concepts that promise a higher productivity of components, an improved prospect for the reuse of so-called IP-components, and the ability to manage very complex systems which would not be possible with state-of-the art methods.

By now the OHLS reached an advanced prototypic status. It has proven the concepts underlying the projects proposal. The tool has been used and evaluated extensively within the project by industrial partners in the consortium. Since it is based on a technology owned by another partner, it is yet not possible to commercially exploit the OHLS. From the current status we estimate that another 2 person-year of work would be necessary to make the OHLS a pre-product and independent tool.

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