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D1.5 Dataset of fAPAR for Europe

Dataset of fAPAR for Europe, and other remote sensing products (JRC) 1. A dedicated CAMELS web. page has been realized and posted on the Web site: _Projects_CAMELS.php

The data related to the project can be downloaded from the data page which is a restricted page and accessible only for CAMELS partners. The package includes: the FAPAR products for 20 CAMELS sites listed in the Table 1 The remote sensing products were extracted from our original global data sets and processed to deliver a set of documentations and binary files containing site specific products. Years 2003 and 2004 have been added in 2005 to the former ones which covered the period from 1998 to 2002, only. European window for 1998, 1999 and 2000 products are also accessible. They include both 10-days and monthly composite FAPAR products with their associated remote sensing by-products.

The European window data were created and delivered on Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) format. 2. FAPAR Global products @ 0.5 x 0.5 degrees have been generated. FAPAR Global products were re-gridded @0.5x0.5 degrees in lat/lon and sinusoidal projection and published for years 1998 to 2004. 3. Additional software was developed and delivered to access and read global data. 4. Nadine Gobron participated in the fifth CAMELS meeting in JOENSUU, January 24, 2005. Datasets of FAPAR for Europe and other remote sensing products available for CAMELS were presented during this meeting.

The description of the computations involved in the derivation of FAPAR was presented as well as first results of the validation exercise. The results of application which has been achieved with FAPAR data concerning the drought impact on land surface over Europe in 2003 has been presented and published in: Gobron, N., B. Pinty, F. Melin, M. Taberner, M.M. Verstraete, A. Belward, T. Lavergne & J.-L. Widlowski (2005) The state of vegetation in Europe following the 2003 drought , International Journal of Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 26, Number 9, 2013-2020. 5. Bernard Pinty and Nadine Gobron will participate to the last meeting in Spello in November 2005. Table 1: CAMELS Sites Site Plant Functional Type Latitude Longitude Aberdeldy, UK Temperate needle-leaved Evergreen 56.6037 -3.7773 Bondville, USA C4 crops 40.0061 -88.2918 Braschaat, Belgium Temperate Needle-leaved Evergreen 51.3091 4.5205 Castelporziano, Italy Temperate broad-leaved Evergreen 41.7058 12.3773 Flakaliden, Sweden Boreal Needle-leaved Deciduous 64.1127 19.4569 Gunnarsholt, Iceland Boreal Broad-leaved Deciduous 63.8333 -20.216667 Harvard, USA Temperate Broad-leaved Deciduous 42.5377 -72.1714 Hesse, France Temperate Broad-leaved Deciduous 48.6742 7.0646 Hyytalia ? 61.8474 24.2947 LeBray, France Temperate Needle-leaved Evergreen 44.7171 -0.7993 LittleWashita, USA C3 Grass 34.9604 -97.9788 Loobos, Nederlands Temperate broad-leaved Evergreen 52.1678 5.71396 Metolius, USA Temperate Needle-leaved Evergreen 44.4371 -121.5667 SkyOak ?? 33.2389 -116.458 Soroe, Denmark Temperate broad-leaved Evergreen 55.4869 11.6458 Tharandt, Germany Temperate Needle-leaved Evergreen 50.9636 13.5669 Upad, Alaska Tundra Vegetation 70.2813 -148.8847 Vielsam, Belgium Temperate Broad-leaved Deciduous 50.3088 5.9986 WalkerBranch, USA Temperate Broad-leaved Deciduous 35.9588 -84.287 Weidenbrunnen, Germany Temperate Needle-leaved Evergreen 50.3166 11.8833 ed Evergreen 50.3166 11.8833.

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