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Ocean model output archive

Model output from each of the NOCES modelling groups, as well as contributions from non-European modelling groups, was provided in a standard predefined format based on netCDF and GDT. That standard output was consolidated into one standard hierarchy of NOCES/OCMIP-3 model output files, separated by group and simulation, and archived at IPSL. That archive has been made available to NOCES participants that have requested access, and it will be made publicly available in 2006, following further quality control and analysis. It is probable that OCMIP members and other modellers will continue to exploit this rich NOCES/OCMIP-3 model output archive for many years. The coordinating group LSCE will also promote and facilitate its use by others, namely via a new automated model output diagnostic facility that is under development. The NOCES model output archive provides as an essential benchmark for community, and is another important legacy of NOCES.

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