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Slovakia: Premature departure from nursing and 'intention to leave nursing'

The Slovakian health care sector is currently under transition. The main goals of the new health care reform are to introduce changes in terms of financial stabilisation of the system, to mobilise resources, to raise the efficiency of the system and to decrease the expectations of citizens.

In relation to these efforts, there is an ongoing process of reconstruction of the health care network. Reducing the number of acute care beds, shortening hospital duration for acute patients and increasing the number of long-term care beds will have an impact on the size and need of nursing staff. To select the Slovakian institutions we used the Register of the Slovak Health Department and the Institute of Health Information and Statistics in Bratislava. According to the eight geographic regions and types of institutions, 93 institutions were selected.

The study base almost perfectly represents the Slovakian distribution of nursing staff in 2001. Nursing staff working in hospitals comprised 83% of all participants, 13.9% and 2.2% of staff were working in old peoples¿ homes and in home care respectively.

Females were on average older than their male colleagues. Of the 3,396 respondents, 5.3% of all nurses had thought about giving up nursing completely weekly or daily. Although female respondents had higher tendency to consider leaving effect size was not relevant.

Younger nurses showed a higher intent to leave with maximum levels in the age group of up to 24 years. Nursing staff over 55 years of age considered leaving their profession the least. Institution type, qualification level, health and work ability and Burnout were not associated with the wish to leave the profession. Intent was higher at the beginning of their professional career. Those with less seniority in the institution had thought more about leaving the profession.

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