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Development of techniques for the analysis of changes of protein patterns in plant tissues during the application of pre-culture procedures indicating presence or absence of stress mechanisms

Techniques have been established for the extraction and 2-dimensional separation of proteins isolated from banana, apple and potato. These techniques have been applied to investigate protein patterns of those tissues, which are used for the cryopreservation of these plants. In banana several defined metabolic changes could be identified which go along with sucrose pre-treatment providing increased cyrotolerance of the plant tissues investigated.

In apple the success of any cryopreservation procedure is influenced by two major components: first the survival of plant cells during preculture treatment and cooling and secondly the regeneration process of an intact plant from the thawed tissue. Proteins found to be up- or down-regulated or de novo synthesized during a cryopreservation procedure may contribute either to the first or the second process or to both.

Mass spectra analyses of the different proteins will help to better understand the metabolic pathway involved in the tolerance to treatments.

In potato it was demonstrated that several protein spots appeared to be up- and down-regulated in an initial overnight incubation phase preceding cryopreservation. Nevertheless a strongly up regulated protein spot indicating a major induced stress mechanisms could not be found in any of the cultivars investigated before the freezing step.

Innovative benefits: For banana a major success was the definition of several metabolic changes caused by sucrose pre-treatment. A major success for the work with apple, almond and also potato was the scale down of method for the use of excised apical meristems; in fact proteins were extracted from low amount of material. The techniques can in general be applied for the investigation of stress metabolism.

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