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A user-friendly introgression tool

The result is a GUI application for Windows, written in Visual Fortran .NET for predicting the outcome of multiple generation introgression programmes in livestock. In such schemes a target gene from, say, an unimproved strain, is introgressed into an improved breed over a number of generations. Each generation carriers of the target gene are selected and crossed back to the improved breed, until after a pre-determined number of generations the new breed is mated inter-se. Such selection programmes introduce a 'drag' from the unimproved genome about the target gene, a component of which is obligatory and cannot be removed. Throughout the genome diversity is lost during the process leading to inbreeding. The software provides quantitative predictions of the extent of these consequences for populations undergoing this process.

Results are obtained through both predictive formulae and simulation according to parameters input by the user determining the size of the scheme, the number of generations planned for the introgression, the size of the genome and the position of the target gene, and the type of selection undertaken. These results are presented both in summary tabular form and graphically as a function of genome position relative to the target gene. Results are also made available as text files.

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