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Marker haplotype test for clinical mastitis

A QTL affecting clinical mastitis and SCS on BTA9 has been finemapped to a two cM region, providing haplotypes that can predict genetic QTL effects across families in Finish Ayshire, SRB, and Danish Red. Haplotype tests can be used to increase the accuracy of predicting the genetic value of clinical and subclinical mastitis for young bulls and bull dams. As a consequence increased genetic gains in these traits can be obtained. We expect that the haplotype test can predict a haplotype effect in about 30% of a random sample, meaning that for a random animal the test predicts an effect of at least one of its alleles in about 50% of the cases. Given that the observed effect is caused by a single polymorphism, the test can be refined by identifying thatpolymorphism and have predictive ability in 100% of samples. The results are already usable in commercial populations. In February 2006 a patent application on exploiting the test for selective breeding was sent. Exploitation will be sought through the Nordic commercial breeding companies and NAV performing the Nordic breeding value estimation.

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