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Software for online patent database

Software for an online patentdatabase based on PostGreSQL has been developed which can be accessed by web browsers. The patents in the database are collected in patent families referred to as "inventions".

A data structure comprising key features, specific characteristics and invention-related materials helps to obtain an immediate overview of the main ideas of an invention.

The legal state of an invention can be followed by the patent family, where all patent documents i.e. applications, research reports etc. are stored together with publication codes, application and publication dates.

A table of inventors and applicants is contained which are assigned to the inventions. Invention reports for each applicant and person can be generated.

This database is suited for multi-user access. With a history function, each data changes are documented. By identifying the search-method for each invention, the development in technical areas can be monitored e. g. by applying the same search methods after a certain period of time.

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