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REVAMP processor

The REVAMP MERIS Regional CHL-Products Processor (MEP) is a software program that enables to implement algorithms (for the processing of MERIS images) and to validate and compare these. The concept is implemented in such a way that the MEP is a complete software environment in itself, which facilitates to plug-in algorithms in a very simple way. This has the advantage to researchers that they only have to develop Java code for the algorithm itself (or even simpler) to develop a DLL file containing the algorithm.

The advantages of this approach are that there is a clear and strict separation within the MEP of processor kernel and algorithm classes. There are two versions of the MEP, namely a scientific processor and a production processor. Both processors were build using the same building blocks and software concepts. The philosophy was that a software environment should be created to import MERIS images, flags and auxiliary data, and to output REVAMP CHL maps, flags and error estimation products. This environment was first used as a test bed for various candidate algorithms (scientific processor) and subsequently to implement the preferred algorithm for mass map production (production processor).

The MEP environment was quality controlled and harmonised to ensure robust software. The Processor was implemented in Java using the BEAM Application Programming Interface (API) (BEAM = Basic ENVISAT AATSR and MERIS Toolbox). The BEAM software can be used to analyse and visualise standard MERIS products and is available free of charge from ESA. It is a widely used standard for working with MERIS data. Further standardisation of the product format resulted in the choice for the BEAM DIMAP format for the MEP which is readily available through the API. The MEP can operate on specific files containing MERIS type of spectra (to allow testing of algorithms on close range SSR-observations) and on MERIS images. The program can be operated through a GUI and in batch mode.

Dissemination and use potential:
The MEP scientific version will be made available to a wide audience of scientists who can use the software to experiment with algorithms to extract information from MERIS images. The MEP production processor (exclusive the REVAMP algorithm which is described as a separate result) can be used by REVAMP partners for regional, local and operationalisation studies. The Consortium Agreement regulates use within the consortium and external use.

Key innovative features of the result:
The MEP is unique in its plug-in design, which allows developing algorithms for a certain sensor (MERIS in this case) without having to know any details of file formats, IO-formats etc. The production processor including the REVAMP preferred algorithm is a unique and innovative tool to rapidly produce hundreds of MERIS images into Chlorophyll-a maps.

Current status
Both versions of the MEP are residing with all the project partners.

Use of the result and its expected benefits.

It is expected that the MEP operational processor will play a role in Chlorophyll-a mapping in the settings of GMES and GSE projects. The MEP will be used by project partners for further research and to produce local products based on an insight in the local optical properties, hence improving the regional REVAMP products.

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