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Double-Ag sun control coating with S <= 2.0

A double-Ag sun control coating has been developed using a jumbo-sized in-line sputter coater comprising only 27 compartments in total. This development benefits from the use of ceramic targets for the zinc-aluminium-oxide (ZAO) dielectric layers close to the silver films.

Due to the small reactive gas consumption of the ceramic ZAO target sputter process, a significant number of pumping compartments, which are usually required for gas separation, could be omitted.

Furthermore, the use of ceramic ZAO targets seems to be advantageous in terms of the resulting specific silver conductivity. The resulting layer stack has a visible transmittance of 53% (EN410), an energy transmittance of 27% and a selectivity of 2.0. A normal emissivity of 2% of the layer stack was measured by a Lambda-900 spectrometer from Perkin Elmer. The resulting k-Value within a double-glazing unit is 1.0 W/m²K.

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