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FIRE 2-phase with t-pdf and POSM

The CFD code FIRE® is a multi purpose simulation software which can be used for different kind of applications. For the simulation of engines FIRE® provides special modules for the handling of the mesh movement as well as a number of mathematical models for the treatment of effects such as fuel injection or combustion, respectively.

The solution algorithm is based on the well-known SIMPLE (Semi IMplicit Pressure Linked Equations) procedure. The code can handle computational cells with an arbitrary topology.

Within the actual version of the program new submodels from the ongoing project have been implemented. These submodels make it possible to simulate the knock onset on a higher level of accuracy then it has been done up to now. The chemistry for knock prediction is based on a n-heptane/iso-octane reaction mechanism (POSM= phase optimised skeleton mechanism) coupled with a t-PDF code (transported probability density function).

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