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NDR characteristics of III/V RTD on Si

The room temperature I/V characteristic of the RTD on silicon substrate exhibits a Negative-Differential Resistance (NDR). This device is the first successful demonstration of an epitaxial III/V semiconductor RTDs on a silicon substrate.

S.Neumann A.Bakin, W.Prost, H.-H.Wehmann, A.Schlachetzki, F.J.Tegude; Growth of III/V Resonant Tunnelling Diode on Si Substrate with LP-MOVPE, J Crystal Growth 248 (2003) 380-383.

V.Khorenko, A.C.Mofor, A.Bakin, S.Neumann, A.Guttzeit, H.H.Wehmann, W.Prost, A.Schlachetzki, F.J.Tegude, Buffer Optimization for InP-on-Si (001) Quasi-Substrates, 16th InP & Related Materials Conference, Kagoshima City, Japan, May 31 to June 4, 2004.

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