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ITD speed index < 2ns/V

The speed-index is a quality means of electronic switching devices. A high current is needed to switch the capacitive load from one logic level to the other. All ITD devices of sample S1408 with an emitter area between 10µm² and 30µm² exhibit a speed index of <1ns/V.

E.Khorenko, W.Prost, F.J.Tegude, M.Stoffel, R.Duschl, M.W.Dashiell, O.G.Schmidt, G. Klimeck; Manufacturability and Electrical Characteristics of Si/SiGe Interband Tunnelling Diodes, Proc. 5th Int. Conf. on Advanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems, IEEE Cat. No. 04EX867, ISBN 0-7803-8535-7, pp. 29 32, Smolenice, Slovakia, 17-21 October 2004. (KB).

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