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GORGIAS - An Argumentation-based Proof Procedure for Reasoning with Conditional Priorities, with Prototype Implementation

A proof procedure for Logic programming with Priorities (specifically in the framework of LPwNF) and its integration with abduction has been studied and implemented in a met interpreter, called GORGIAS, for argumentative deliberation.
GORGIAS is a general system for argumentation in that combines preference reasoning and abduction.

It can form the basis for reasoning about adaptable preference policies in the face of incomplete information from dynamic and evolving environments.

Gorgias has been ported to work both with SICSTUS and SWI-Prolog. It has been tested with examples from various domains like legal reasoning, inheritance theory, and autonomous agent deliberation. The experiments have shown the flexibility of the system, and its ability to be specialized to additional or changing needs.

In particular, GORGIAS is the basis on which the cycle theories of KGP computess are implemented.

As such it is one of the basis frameworks and systems on which the PROSOCS platform is build.

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