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SCIFF - An abductive proof procedure for protocol conformance

SCIFF represents the operational support, as a proof system based on transitions, for the society model developed within the SOCS project. SCIFF is an abductive proof procedure ispired by the IFF proof procedure by Fung and Kowalsk. In particular, SCIFF is able to check the compliance to the protocols specified at society level of (agents') interactions. Such protocols are expressed as integrity constraints relating socially relevant events to expected behaviour of members.

The main application SCIFF was developed for is to verify (on-the-fly) the compliance of agents to interaction protocols. In order to allow such application, SCIFF extends IFF in several respects:
- Abducibles represent hypotheses about agent behaviour;

- SCIFF deals with the concept of fulfilment, i.e., the correspondence of abduced atoms with events recorded in a history

- CLP constraints can be imposed over variables;

- SCIFF deals with existentially quantified variables in integrity constraints.

SCIFF is being developed at Dipartimento di Ingegneria, University of Ferrara and at DEIS, University of Bologna, and it has been proved sound with respect to a declarative, 3-valued abductive semantics. Moreover some syntactical conditions on Social Integrity Constraints have been introduced in order to guarantee SCIFF termination.

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