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SOCS-iC - Programming intelligent, adaptable and heterogeneous software agents for a dynamic environment

SOCS-iC is a generic software component that suports the programming of intelligent software agents (computees) that have a "mind" and a "body".

The mind reasons autonomously and logically via a collection of logic theories with generic functionality, developed using various extensions of logic programming.

These theories are interpreted through formal proof-procedures and allow the agent to reason autonomously and select goals and actions according to the agent's knowledge, policies, and the current external environment in which the agent finds itself. The overall behaviour of the agent is controlled via a "cycle theory" that specifies preferred patterns of operation.

The body provides sensors and effectors for the mind to be able to access and change the environment in which the agent is situated. In this context, SOCS-iC relies upon the existence of a set of primitives for accessing the environment.

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