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Objects in PROSOCS

The design and implementation of the PROSOCS platform has been extended in order to allow the introduction of objects in the platform. A new component, which we call the object template, is introduced to allow instances of PROSOCS objects to be created, so that agents can interact with objects, or objects can interact between them.

To accommodate this, we have rationalised the communication component in the old version of the reference model with what we call the interaction component in the new version. This component is essentially a component that allows us to enable interaction between agents and objects (or between objects), and communicative interactions in terms of exchanges of different types of messages. In other words, we assume that we can translate interaction into some form of (low-level) communication via message passing.

Finally, we have rationalised the agent management component in the old version, with an environment component in the new version, which keeps a record of the existence of agents and objects, as well as allow an agent to perform physical actions on objects or other agents.

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