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A library of protocols

The result is the definition of a set of Interaction Protocols (library). For each protocol a description in natural language is given. The protocols are expressed using the logic-based formalism SIC (Social Integrity Constraint) defined in the project result n.14299. Each protocol definition is composed of at least two files: a first file contains the "protocol rules", while a second file contains the knowledge base related to the specific protocol.

For each protocol a set of interaction examples is given, equipped with explanations and with the results obtained by verifying the conformance of such examples to the protocol specification. Such conformance verification has been done using SOCS-SI, a tool defined in the project result n. 14352.

The library contains several different protocols: amongst them it is worthy to mention the description of several auction protocols (English, First Price Sealed Bid, Combinatorial and some variation of Combinatorial Auction), as well as some standard protocols defined by the FIPA consortium. Besides protocols for interaction between intelligent agents, also some protocols for interaction between peers have been defined and tested: just to mention, the Needham-Schroeder Public Key Protocol is specified, along with the specification of the opening phase of the TCP/IP protocol. Finally, the library contains also the description of a protocol for medical guidelines and interaction rules between peers involved in treatment of medical patients.

This result is available as a set of documents along with the SOCS-SI (result n. 14352), as well as a stand-alone library accessible via a web server, at the url

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