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List and informativeness of markers used in the Sarda x Lacaune population

Genetic maps of livestock based on molecular genetic markers (e.g. Maddox et al., 2001, for sheep), provide new tools for the detection and mapping of genes of economic importance in farm animals. To analyse the Sarda x Lacaune population a panel of 155 microsatellites made-up by INRA was tested. The markers were chosen in order to have an average distance of 20 cM in all chromosomes. The microsatellites were organised in multiplex to maximise the number of markers simultaneously tested. Genotypings were performed on DNA exctract from blood samples. The final panel of markers was made of 144 microsatellites plus Prp locus.

They are listed below (in bold type OAR number:
1) BMS2833; BMS0835; ILSTS044; BMS862; ILSTS029; MCM058; BL41; BMS0963; BMS0574; BMS2572; INRA49; LSCV06; MAF109; LSCV105; BMS1789; BMS2263 2) CSSM47; MCM064; BMS2072; ;BMS1341; TGLA010; BMS1591; OAECP79; ILSTS030; LSCV22; BMS0778; BM6444; BMS0356;LSCV38; OARFCB11; 3) ILSTS045; BMS0460; OARFCB129; INRA131; RM096; BMS2569 ; BMC1009; OARCP43; RM154; BMS0772; 4) BMS1788; MCM218; BMS1237; MAF50; OARHH35; OARHH64; 5) RM006 ; BMS2258; MCM527; 6) BM9058 ; INRA133; ILSTS090; OARAE101; BMS0360; OARJMP08; BL1038; 7) BMS0528 ; BMS0861; BMS0419; BMS2641; BP31; ILSTS005; 8) BM2504 ; BMS0434; BMS1290; BMS1724; EPCDV016; BMS1967; 9) CSSM66 ; ILSTS011; LSCV32; BM302; OARCP9; 10) BMS2252 ; BMS0712; ILSTS056; BMS1316; 11) HEL10; IDVGA46; BM17132; MAP2C MCM120; 12) HUJ614 ; BMS0109; BMS1185; IDVGA69; HUJ625; 13) BMC1222 ; ILSTS059; BMS1352; PRP; BMS1669;OARAE016; 14) TGLA357 ; BMS2213; LSCV29; BM7109; INRA210; 15) MAF65; BMS0812; 16) BM1225; MAF214; LSCV08; MCM150; 17) OARVH98 ; OARVH116; OARFCB48; TGLA322; 18) BM3413 ; BMS2815; BM7243; OARHH47; TGLA122; BMS1561; 19) BMS0517; OARAE119; BM3628; LSCV14; 20) INRA132 ; BM1258; OLADRBP; OARHH56; 21) ILSTS019 ; OARVH110; OCAM; MCM135; BMS1948; 22) BMS0651; BM4505; BMS882; MCM373; 23) BMS2526; BMS0066; MAF35; URB031; 24) ILSTS102; BM4005; OAREL001; 25) OARVH41; BMS1714; 26) BMS2104; LSCV41; CSSM43; OARJMP58; BM0203

Starting from corrected genotypes a specific map of the 26 ovine autosomes was then built, using the CRIMAP software (all chrompic, build and two point options). For each marker the information content was also calculated as the percentage of daughters of heterozygous sires for which it was possible to trace back the marker allele received from the father. The average information content ranged from 38 % (OAR7) to 81% (OAR14). We were able to locate 10 markers (out of the 145) not included in the current official map, in the following linkage groups : INRA49 on OAR1; ILSTS090 on OAR6; BMS2252 and BMS0712 on OAR10 ; MAP2C on OAR11; BMS0109 and IDVGA69 on OAR12 ; PrP on OAR13; INRA210 on OAR14 ; OCAM on OAR21. Furthermore two markers were assigned to different chromosomes LSCV38 from OAR12 to OAR2 and BMS0066 from OAR3 to OAR23.
This set of markers was used the backcross SardaxLacaune population. It is currently being used for further QTL detection studies on an experimental population derived from the previous one and will be available for future studies on the commercial population on wich we wish to confirm and transfer our results.

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