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Haplotypes of the DRB1 locus in the Blackface population

DNA was extracted and sequenced in exon 2, which is the most important part of the DRB1 sequence. Only 14 alleles were found in studies involving over 2000 lambs from thirteen farms. These results demonstrate that most and possibly all alleles existing in the Scottish Blackface have been identified. The Scottish Blackface breed is now one of the best-defined breeds in the world at the important DRB1 locus. The extent of molecular variation is similar to that found in humans indicating that there are no serious concerns about selection reducing diversity. In all sheep breeds, nearly 100 alleles have been described at the DRB1 locus and they fall into a small number of allelic families; most but not all of these allele families are represented in the Scottish Blackface breed.

Due to the high levels of diversity, there are an enormous number of potential haplotypes within the mhc (>10,000) when six loci were considered. Not all haplotypes have been observed but this may reflect the need to study large numbers of animals to dtect rare haplotypes. There is strong linkage disequilibrium within the major histocompatibility complex and this appears to peak around the DRB1 locus.

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