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Genetic parameters of Strongyles and Nematodirus faecal egg counts in the Blackface population

The following genetic parameters were estimated for the nematodirus and strgyles faecal egg counts (FEC):
- Trait h² s.e.
- Nematodirus FEC August 0.30 - 0.11
- Nematodirus FEC September0.21 - 0.09
- Nematodirus FEC October 0.19 - 0.09
- Nematodirus Average Animal Effect 0.24 - 0.09
- Strongyles a FEC August 0.50 - 0.12
- Strongyles FEC September 0.11 - 0.07
- Strongyles FEC October 0.21 - 0.09
- Strongyles Average Animal Effect 0.23 - 0.09
IgA Activity 0.18 - 0.09
- N.B. Strongyles refers to all species present other than Nematodirus

The average animal effect was calculated using a restricted maximum likelihood algorithm, ASREML (Gilmour et al., 1996), fitting a repeatability model to calculate the average weighted FEC across the three time points.

THese results are primarily of scientific importance, as they demonstrate that there is genetic variability in the measures. However, they can also be used in practical breeding programmes. To estimate breeding values, which farmers can then use for selection purposes, it is necessary to assume heritability values. These values can be inputted into current breeding programmes that are now underway in the UK. The results are public and have been published.

Reported by

Roslin Institute
EH25 9PS Midlothian
United Kingdom
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