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QTL for milk production traits in the Churra population

Regarding genomic regions underlying milk traits, a systematic recording of milk traits was undertaken in the Churra resource population. Using these records from the ANCHE database a whole genome scan from production traits in Churra population was carried out. Milk yield per lactation were estimated as the total sum of the milked milk and it was standardised to 30-120 days lactation using the Fleischman method.

Fat and protein percentages were estimated by periodic controls. The phenotypic unit of measurement was yield deviation (YD), which is the average of the phenotypes of the daughters adjusted for systematic environmental effects (ewes performances expressed as deviations from the population mean). Data for milk yield were analysed employing the following animal model using the PEST program (Groeneveld, 1998). We have found evidence in 3 genomic regions for QTL for protein percentage located in chromosomes OAR2, OAR3 and OAR 15. In fat percentage there are two putative QTL in chromosomes 20 and 24. Finally around 29 cM of OAR8 there is a QTL controlling milk yield in Churra population.

These results are detected in our commercial population and shoud be verifyed in an independent experiment before a possible use in selection.

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