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QTL for nematode resistance in the Churra population

We have detected seven genomic regions showing a significant evidence of carrying a QTL for parasite resistance phenotypes (chromosome wise P-value<0.05). Two QTL affecting IgA level were detected in chromosomes OAR1 and OAR9. For faecal egg counts in day "0" FEC_0 we have evidence for genes located on OAR10 and OAR14.

Finally, three regions affect faecal egg counts after treatment FEC_1 phenotype and are located on OAR1, OAR6 and OAR20. Furthermore four regions display a suggestive evidence of QTL, two affecting serum pepsinogen (PEPSI) located on OAR1 and OAR24, one on chromosome 13 affecting plasma IgA level and one on OAR26 influencing FEC_1.

These results are detected in our commercial population and shoud be verifyed in an independent experiment before a possible use in selection.

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