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QTL for mastitis resistance and udder morphology in the Lacaune population

The QTL results for LSCS and udder-type traits were the following: a total of 3 QTL were found at the genome wise significance threshold with a suggestive linkage (p=0.038): 1 for LSCS on OAR 14, and 2 for Udder cleft on OAR 6 and OAR 17. Each detected QTL segregated in 2 to 7 families. The estimated substitution effects ranged from 0.7 to 2.7 standard deviation.

On the other hand, regarding the QTL for LSCS, the LRT profiles of the informative families may suggest the existence of 2 QTL, the first one for families 14 and 19 with a most likely location close to the marker BMS2213, the second one for families 5, 9 and 20 close to the marker BM7109. Furthermore 7 results were chromosome-wise (p < 0.05) or nearly chromosome-wise significant: 1 for LSCS on OAR 16, 1 for Teat angle on OAR 2, 3 for Udder cleft on OAR 9, OAR 18 and OAR 19, and 2 for Udder depth on OAR 1 and OAR 26.

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