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Web-based information about how to assess mortality rates for different jellyfish-prey combinations

Jellyfish can cause substantial reduction of their prey populations. Since individual jellyfish "filter" out prey from the water at a constant rate (the clearance rate), knowledge about the clearance rate of individual jellyfish can be combined with the density of jellyfish to yield data on mortality rates for various preys. A web-site will be published to describe how this is done. The site will include clearance rates for some predator-prey combinations and instructions on how to calculate mortality rates.

The site will be published to allow free access of the information. To maximize the accessibility, the site will be constructed using low-graphics HTML, which facilitates access for users with low-tech computers and poor Internet connections. Potential users could be central and local authorities or companies involved in monitoring programmes or ecosystem assessments. Also scientists, teachers and students could benefit from the site.

Main benefits of this product will be to clarify the process of how to calculate jellyfish-induced mortality rates, but also that it offers useful, previously unknown, quantitative measures of clearance rates for some common jellyfish-prey combinations.

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