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Pictural chart of the nematocysts of Periphylla periphylla (Scyphozoa, Coronatae)

Periphylla periphylla has the same two categories of nematocysts as other coronates (holotrichous isorhizas and heterotrichous microbasic euryteles), with a total of at least six different types. The capsules are very large in comparison to other scyphozoan medusae like Cyanea capillata, Cyanea lamarckii, Chrysaora hysoscella, Aurelia aurita and Rhizostoma octopus. One of the types (the giant eurytele) can reach a length from up to 100µm.

These euryteles are unique in becoming increasingly large with medusa growth, and in being the largest so far described from Scyphozoa. Lightmicroscopical pictures of the six types are shown in this pictural chart. For the examination tissue of fresh captured medusae were squeezed in glycerol on microscopic slides.

This chart show lightmicroscopical figures of the different nematocysts types of P. periphylla and is directed to students and scientist who are interested in this field of work in order to aid the identification and measurement P. periphylla-nematocysts. It will be disseminated on the website of the University of Hamburg.

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