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PLANTS ontology

CTI designed and developed an ontology that formalises and represents the knowledge of the PLANTS system.

This knowledge is divided into the following three categories:
- Conceptualisation of the bioGadgetWorlds concepts,
- Characterisation of plants,
- Characterisation of sensor/actuator systems,
- Definition of rules.

The Ontology is organised hierarchically into the PLANTS Core Ontology (encodes general knowledge) and the PLANTS Higher Ontology (encodes application-specific knowledge). Evolution of the PLANTS Ontology is accomplished according to the proposed PLANTS Ontology lifecycle. The PLANTS ontology provides a conceptualisation of the bioGadgetWorlds, enabling the use of this knowledge from other systems.

This conceptualisation ensures the semantic interoperability among eEntities and supports a service-discovery mechanism. The knowledge represented by the PLANTS ontology supports the decision-making process that is necessary for the PLANTS system.

We have also specified how the ontology could be enabled to learn new knowledge by giving the detailed specifications of a machine learning application, which uses the plant’s processes (e.g. photosynthetic process) to determine optimal growing conditions. The PLANTS ontology is written in DAML+OIL and developed with the Protégé-2000.

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