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Tools to create and monitor mixed societies

In the PLANTS project CTI designed and developed a set of graphical tools that provide the user with a set of useful operations like creating a bioGadgetWorld (mixed society), viewing knowledge represented into the PLANTS ontology, monitoring the ePlants that take part in his/her bioGadgetWorlds and finally managing the rules taking part in the decision-making process.

The first tool is the bioGadgetWorld Editor (bioGWEditor) that can be used even by non-expert users for the creation and editing of bioGWs. Two graphical interface versions of the editor have been created, to test the primary editing functions: on a laptop PC and on an iPAQ.

Editor functionality:
- Discovery of surrounding devices and plants and the capabilities they offer for interconnectivity.
- Information (visualization) of the above discovered item.
- Supporting Users in creation, editing and destroying association links (Synapses).
- Creation of Functional sets of links, that serves user purposes (a defined collection of associations).
- Operation (activation, deactivation, elimination) and management (i.e. editing) of each functional set.
- Functionalities similar to the ones of the SLADA tool targeting the monitoring of a bioGW and the management of the global decision making process.

The second tool is the Ontology-based Supervisory Logic And Data Acquisition (SLADA) tool that provides the user with a set of useful operations for monitoring and manipulating the information for a specific eEntity. Specifically the SLADA tool is a graphical user interface, which provides the user variable operations for viewing the knowledge represented by an eEntity’s ontology, monitoring an eEntity and managing the rules of an eEntity local/global decision-making process. Finally the Rule editor is a tool that provides a Graphical Design Interface for managing (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) rules, based on a user friendly node connection model.

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