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Integrated hardware software system

Having installed ePlantOS what is necessary is to define the way that the hardware (biosensors/bioactuators) are going to work with ePlantOS in order to provide data in the case of sensors, or accept commands in the case of actuators.

To achieve this, the definition of an ePlantOS specific driver for each sensor or actuator is required. The driver specification depends on the interface between software and hardware; In the case of sensors grouped by an FPGA board or PIC microcontroller the manufacturer can define the hardware’s output himself, while in the case of a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) sensor device the output is predefined by the company that builds the device.

In order to build the driver the first thing to do is implement a Java interface, which determines the information exchanged between the ePlantOS and the hardware.

For one to build a specific driver protocol, it suffices to produce a new implementation of this interface. Inside this implementation the developer of the driver has to write the suitable commands to communicate with the sensor/actuator and forward the information acquired to the ePlantOS.

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