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AIM System

The AIM system refers to the tool that will support the collection of useful knowledge through the extended enterprise for new and existing process and product developments, and to develop this knowledge into a means of fostering industrial innovation.

The toolkit is composed of modules that can be sold as purpose-oriented individual SW packages, even if some of them are dependent.

Main modules supporting the whole system are:
- Collection Module{-3} collection and set up of data. It is composed of collection of product/ process knowledge, collection of ideas, collection of innovations and collection of problems.

- Innovation Viability Assessment ?³ It is composed of First Assessment (classification of ideas) and Second Assessment modules.

- Innovation Engine ?³ It is composed of the Innovation generator and the Problem solver.

- Innovation Management System ?³ It is composed of the Delivery of innovations and Project Management through the FORO Workflow system (this system might be changed by another workflow engine installed in the company)

All these modules have been tested individually and as part of the complete AIM system. All the testing and validation phase has already finished and therefore this outcome can be considered as a product accepted and validated by the three user organizations in the project.

Nevertheless, many comments and feedback have been obtained from the users, and this will be taken into account when implementing the commercial version of the system. At this stage, many improvements have been included in the final prototype with respect to the previous prototype.

The additional recommendations made by the internal user organizations will be added to those comments suggested by other potential customers considered in the last version of the Dissemination and use Plan as external validators and referred to as Special Interest Groups or User Groups.

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