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Comprehensive experimental and theoretical understanding of charged exciton complexes in single quantum wells

Nature of the result:
The result involves a joint theoretical and experimental understanding of the properties of charged excitons in quantum wells.

Potential applications of the result:
The result can be applied to the excitonic properties of quantum wells. Some aspects of the result can be applied to the excitonic properties of other semiconductor nanostructures.

End-users of the result:
The end users of this result are the scientific community. Toshiba Research Europe Limited has a highly relevant (scientific) research programme.

Main innovative features/benefits:
The result resolves the main scientific issues related to the properties of charged excitons.

Analysis of market or application sectors:
The result is an entirely scientific one, so such an analysis is not applicable.

Potential barriers:
There are no barriers to the use of this result, which has been widely disseminated.

Reported by

Lancaster University
Lancaster University, Department of Physics
United Kingdom
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