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Coating specification

DuPont had to develop a new coating material to provide surface finishes with textile like, suede like or velvet like appearance and mechanic-acoustical properties correspondingly.

The binder for the coating was also developed by DuPont. Based on this binder composition ECCS has tested approximately 60 different effect carriers in the coating formulation. These effect carriers are tested in different sizes and several amounts.

We can distinguish several types of effect carriers: e.g. powders, fibres and grinded rubber.

We have now made a selection of the effect carriers with the best results on appearance and spray ability. Samples have been sent to several partners to test the mechanic-acoustical properties.

Taking all test results into consideration, polyamide fibres had been chosen as the best option to give the textile like surface appearance.

Based on these assumptions a paint / testing specification had been defined by DuPont and EDAG.

This Specification combines elements both from painting and flocking requirements.

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