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Coating formulation: Application of effect carriers in a new resin vehicle for special surface effects

The ECCS had to develop a new coating material to provide surface finishes with textile like, suede like or velvet like appearance and mechanic-acoustical properties correspondingly.

The binder for the coating is developed by DuPont. Based on this binder composition ECCS has tested approximately 60 different effect carriers in the coating formulation. These effect carriers are tested in different sizes and several amounts. We can distinguish several types of effect carriers: e.g. powders, fibres and grinded rubber.

We have now made a selection of the effect carriers with the best results on appearance and spray ability. Samples have been sent to several market partners to test the mechanic-acoustical properties.

The potential use of the achievements are the use of the know-how in many branches. In daily life situations, many surfaces are with a non-smooth surface and some of those effects should be painted with an effect-carrier-paint.

In industrial branches the producers of effect-carriers, especially those companies who produce many plastic waste products, which can be used for effects (e.g. rubber waste).

The internal company strategy will be the use and implementation of knowledge in education activities and implementation of knowledge in consultancy in the use of effect carriers in paints.

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