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Painting pilot equipment

Pilot painting equipment was completely internally redesigned and rebuilt in order to assure the independence of the painting cabins, splitting the working activities towards flexibility and efficacy.

The flow air control, as the study of the dust inside the cabins, as well as the monitoring of temperature and humidity are reached using a specifically developed process software.

This new integrated process control system ensure the complete and diffuse supervision and monitoring to all production managing levels.

The main potential results are the evolution of a dedicated painting spray plant with new multi-components paint, with scrap reduction and quality improvement, a better pollution control, a great energy saving and a correct use of resources (painting overspray), that could be used for further applications and new similar projects.

The main dissemination planning could regard the improvement of the comfort of inside cabins of the car, using the experience made with the geometry of components parts, polymers, superficial treatments, assembly system, in order to reduce the noise, with an optimized production plant.

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