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Coated parts (glove boxes and door panels).

The main modification shall regard the ventilation of the three cabins: the base-coat one, the colour one and the transparent one:
- Before the change all the cabins were fed by only one air supply unit, then every cabin shall be fed independently by means of three different air-supply units
- Filter-frame modifications
- Installation of six air-veils (one at the enter and one at the exit of each cabin)
- Installation of a switchboard to control the rpms of every motor connected with the ventilators by means of inverters and PLC systems.

The main advantages in comparison with the current configuration that we will gain with these interventions will be:
- The possibility to work by means of only the cabin we need, with a great energy saving;
- The absolute independence of every cabin in regulating to the internal air-flow, optimising it on each component we paint (reducing in this way the scraps caused by over spray);
- A better filtration of the air supplied.

Now FFLIC partners are able to paint in 7 different configurations ¿flat¿ parts of a car cabin as door panels and we can test the equipment to new very important applications (think the ¿paint¿ surface in 4 door panels).

Now at the end of the project we have studied and modified the cabins in order to obtain better flow air

Balance-sheet in order to improve the part number quality.

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